Disney Party!

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If you know me and my family, you know that we are die-hard Disney fans. We’ve all been to Disneyland more times than we could possibly count and “Disney Scene It” is the most competitive game played in our house. One day we even discovered that we are related to Walt Disney himself! We take pride in saying that Disney is literally in our blood. So when my brother got engaged and it was time to throw a wedding shower for his future wife, there was no other way of welcoming her into the family than throwing her a Disney themed party!

The food we made was very simple but also freaking delicious! My favorite was the “grey stuff.” My sister discovered the grey stuff while visiting DisneyWorld and eating at a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant. My mom then found a recipe for it online and we have been obsessed with it ever since. We sometimes even make it and forget about the cupcakes. It is just that good!

I’m so glad that the shower was a success and that everyone who came seemed to really enjoy it. I honestly believe that you can never go wrong with a Disney theme. There are just so many different possibilities that you can be creative with and it’s always a crowd pleaser. Let’s be honest… who doesn’t enjoy a taste of Mickey Mouse every once in a while?

What are your favorite Disney themed dishes?

-Love Sadie-

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